Emotional Infidelity - Effects of Infidelity Can Be Devastating!

Emotional Infidelity occurs between two people who form a secretive, emotional connection that is usually detrimental to a health relationship. The effects of infidelity can be devastating!

This secretive affair is usually filled with overwhelming energy that fuels the fire. Statistics show that a high percentage of these types of affairs are initiated in the workplace. They start out as casual conversations but escalate because of the amount of time spent intimately.

If you someone in a committed relationship and your truly cherish the bond that you hare with your spouse, you need to know where to draw the line so that you don't become a growing statistic.

While the below rules may be a bit extreme, they are general guidelines that will help to keep you out of compromising situations that could become detrimental to your relationship

10 Rules for Avoiding Emotional Infidelity

  • Keep it all business in the office.

  • Avoid meetings with members of the opposite sex outside the workplace.

  • Meet in groups.

  • Find polite ways of ending personal conversations.

  • Take particular care not to have regular (perhaps daily or even weekly) conversations about your life outside work.

  • Don't share your personal feelings.

  • Be unflinchingly honest with yourself.

  • Avoid cordial kisses and hugs, or dancing with members of the opposite sex.

  • Don't drink around the opposite sex.

  • Show your commitment to your spouse daily.

As mentioned, these tips are just guidelines to use so that you won't cross the line. Remember, if you are afraid to share it with your loved one, then you are probably approaching the "line" or have crossed it.

An emotional affair can crush a relationship, so think about the consequences before it occurs. Remember, the effects of infidelity can sometimes be everlasting. 

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