Should Employer Take Action Against Cheating Employees?

Cheating at the Workplace is Common Ground

Should an Employer Take Action Against Cheating Employees? I recently saw a news special that asked this question. I was unable to see the results because I had to board my plane.

I was very curious to know what majority of people would say. Well, I know cheating and infidelity is a rising concern for relationships, but I also know for every relationship in trouble because of cheating there is someone that is cheating!


So, the person being cheated on would probably say yes and the person doing all the cheating....

I'll take a guess that they would probably say "mind your own business!"

This is an interesting topic to me though because even though I am strongly against cheating on someone, especially someone you love. I am not 100% sure that I would want my employer prying into everyone's lives.

I think it may open up to much possibilities that an employer could use the tactics that go way too far while monitoring an office affair. I really think that the person involved needs to be the one to end an affair if it is going to work anyhow.

If you have an opinion on this topic I would love to hear, and I am sure that others may be just as curious as I am.

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"Cheaters are the scums of the earth!"

If you are concerned about an affair possibly ruining your relationship, I recommend taking a look at this book from Dr. Huizenga . It is well worth a look if you find yourself in that situation.

Good luck!

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