Feedback on Songs About Cheating- Here's What You Had to Say

Songs play a very important role for many of us in times of pleasure, as well as pain.

I know I found comfort in submerging myself in music that I related to when I was going through a situation in which I was cheated on.

It allowed me to release the emotions that I had inside and allowed me to get going again so I could begin enjoying life again.

Here are what some of you had to say about music and the songs about cheating that touched your life. 

Country: United States

Why Don't You Stay by Sugarland. It's actually sang from the perspective of the other woman, but it makes you think about how they're really just number 2 anyway. And "Does He Love You" by Reba McEntire and Linda Davis is kind of the same way.

Dawn -Columbus, Ohio 

Thank you for your input and Keep on Keeping On!

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