Fiance texting a friend 'playful message'

So I was being nosey and going through my fiancées phone on thanksgiving when she wasn't around. She had texted this guy that she had never mentioned to me' before a happy thanksgiving message that morning which was normal conversation up until she told him 'you know I love you, you're my sexy pooh bear!' then asked if it would be ok to call him later. I confronted her about it and she's like.. He's married... He's just a friend and I'm gonna call him right now and prove all of this to you... I didn't let her do that but she goes on and says this guy is real comical and makes her laugh a lot when she's feeling down or something... This stuff just really bothers me', what are your thoughts on this?

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Playful message my eye
by: Anonymous

She's sucking him down and f****** the crap out of him.

Don't believe it
by: Anonymous

Sorry to tell you this but she's cheating. Even if its just texts its still not texts to you. Do not marry this person or you will end up like me. I have a 9yr old daughter in my custody because my ex wife wanted to be able to text and talk to her guy friends. Well one of her guy friends turned out to be a boyfriend. Find someone who will respect you fully. There are many women out there.

by: Anonymous

Get rid of her!!! She is lying to you and if she's already cheating before the marriage, it will only get worse!!

Good men fall hard
by: Anonymous

Perhaps this is true and perhaps there is more to it than what she is saying? The big question is are you in love with her? If the answer takes more than a split second to answer then don't even get married. If you do love her and i mean nasty gut wrenching hardcore in love with her then as a man you Fight for her! You are given nothing in this world for free everything has a price. People are complex and friendships can be odd for some people. This does not mean she will cheat on you just that she likes other men not just you. Big deal if she does? Many faithful men have a chick or two on the side to lean on for a woman's perspective does that make them assholes?

You Mean "hurtful message"
by: Anonymous

I too was snooping through my boyfriend's phone about a week ago, and at first found nothing unusual until I came across a text to/from his friend "Tony", but the wording was kind of weird if it was between two men. I decided to open it up and read further. When I did this, I noticed that the text was actually to a girl “cindy”. He was telling her how he missed her and wanted to know if he could bring her lemon tea & honey. I was crushed. I believe the words "I love you", "I miss you", should be reserved only for a parent and the love of your life. Emotional cheating hurts just as much if not more than the actual cheating because you are left to wonder how far this has actually gone. My BF tells me it was a joke and I did contact this woman who happens to be his superior at work and claims the same thing, “it was a joke”, and she doesn’t look at my guy in that way. Really!?

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