Financial Infidelity in Marriages – Is It Worse Than Its Physical Counterpart?

Financial Infidelity in Marriages

Financial Infidelity in marriages

When you think of infidelity in marriages, it is usually physical and not financial infidelity that you are talking about. Financial lies are becoming a major factor leading to divorces in today's society.

So Just what is Financial Infidelity?

Here is definition from Wikipedia:

It is a term used to describe the secretive act of spending money, possessing credit and credit cards, holding secret accounts or stashes of money, borrowing money, or otherwise incurring debt unknown to one's spouse, partner, or significant other.

So just what causes someone to engage in this form of cheating? Well, there are many reasons for this and one of these is simply to cover up physical infidelity or a current affair.

You see, when a husband or wife is involved in an affair, they will have to commit some of their hard earned money to their lover in order to keep up with the affair itself.

Money will go towards getaways, hotels, fine dining, beautiful jewelry, and so much more. For some it will be more than others, but either way financial tracks will need to be covered in order to keep the affair under wraps.

Which is worse, physical infidelity or financial infidelity in marriages?

For many they will say that there is nothing worse than being a victim financially.

"After physical infidelity your heart will be broken and your life devastated, but as long as your finances are intact you can start over."

Personally, it seems very hard for me to believe that financial infidelity is worse than being cheated on physically but I have never experienced the financial deception myself.

I do know that my broken heart due to physical infidelity felt like the worse pain I ever had to endure and couldn’t imagine anything hurting any more than that did.

I can only pray that I will never have my own personal life experience to be able to compare the two.

However, I am quite interested to hear from you if you ever had to endure or can persoanall relate to financial infidelity in marriages.

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