For Those That Have Caught Someone Cheating - Please Help!

by Sam

I am happy to have found this website, and others like this one. However, some of the warning signs sound like just text books answers and suggestions.

I would like to hear from someone, or those that have actually caught their spouse cheating.

What were the actual signs that led you to catch them? Were the signs like any on this site?

What actions did you actually take to catch them cheating?

How long did it take? Were you scared when you were trying to catch them cheating?

How do I really know if my husband is cheating? What did you consider enough evidence? Or does it have to be catching him in an act of cheating or getting a confession?

The more details provided in regards to catching someone in the act of cheating would really help me.

I feel like I am currently in a situation where cheating may be taking place on me. My husband may be cheating on me, its hunch but the feeling is growing.

I need help, but I would really like to hear from others that actually went through the process of noticing the signs, to busting their spouse cheating.

Hope to hear from someone!


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