Forgive & Forget

by Babe

Forgive & Forget

The Forgiveness is there.
But my wife doesn't have a care.
It's hard to forget.
My wife oneday will have regret.
I continue to stay strong.
My wife knows, how she has done me wrong.
Two hearts as one shed tears.
I hope to overcome my fears.
All the pain in two hearts is my wifes fault, not mine.
My wifes imperfections was the cause,
Hopefully oneday my wife will see,
Two hearts as one is the way it should be.
No relationship or marriage will ever be the same.
My wifes wrong decission is only to blame.
A place in my heart where no pain will escape and is ensured,
A place where hurt is never cured.
We lose grip finger by finger.
No longer does the hope linger.
Oh!! how the soul is worn.
My wife broke many promises she sworn.
My heart everyday leaves a bleeding trail.
Oh!! how could my wife fail?
Today i set you free from my mind.
In my heart you remain, because it's to kind.
I open my hand and release my grip.
Sending a dove up in air,Soar high and fly freely, have a peaceful trip.
My heart oneday will be repaired.
It's a one of kind heart and can never be compared.
Sweet peaceful dove, please protect my love.
I make a wish upon a star in the night, glancing at the dark sky above.
There was NO true love on my wifes part.
Therefore i hold a small piece of my wife in my heart.
Forgive will help me live and go forward.
Forget will release any regret of all the special times we built and shared together.
I will always truly love you my wife.
Today is a new beginning of my life.

Written By Babe 10-18-08

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