"Forgiving When its Times to Let Go"... By Michael Maestas

by Michael Maestas
(Clifton Colorado)

"Forgiving When its Time to Let Go"... By Michael Maestas

I have forgiven to0 many times when all thats happened should have been let go,

My heart remains in pain forever now, something i shouldn't have discovered, my hearts black no longer does it glow.

If i breathe your air i once did i feel like im in heaven,

But i can no longer breathe you air so i feel left in hell dead beyond this depression.

I asked God to not ever let something like this happen to me and if it was bound to happen just let me know,

And he responded, he gave me the sense to know u cheated on me with a friend making you out to being a hoe.

I finally realized forgiveness was only meant for little things not stuff like that,

I loved you with all my heart Megan how could you tear my heart apart like that?

Memories will fade as they were built into my head,

But most off all our love is gone forever cause my heart is now fully dead.

All i did was assume ya, but only because something told me you were cheating on me with a friend,

Finally my eyes opened and realized our forever has reached the end.

In this dead heart i have maybe true love will turn it back to where it once stood,

So until the end of my journey i will never stop searching for the one meant for me, a perfect angel who will never be misunderstood!

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