Found Facebook Message in Hubby's In Box

by Stacy
(Los Angeles, CA)

My husband has many female Facebook friends that he went to elementary school or high school with and I thought nothing of this until about 3 months ago. I noticed that he had been writing response message to one female friend's wall post like to a very special person Happy Birthday, etc. I asked him about because he doesn't normally write wall messages like this to female facebook friends, etc. My hubby told me that he went to elementary school with her and that she just gut told me otherwise. Anyway I told my husband that he needed to respect me and that he couldn't openly be flirting or telling people those type of comments and that if he didn't agree with me then I believed that he truly didn't love me and that he should move on. He said he was going to move out as soon as he saved enough money so I was like fine then. Anyway a few days passed and I found a message to that same female friend but this time it wasn't on Facebook wall it was in his Facebook in box that he sent that said "I just want to feel you." Her response "What are you doing with her then." I immediately confronted him about this and he said nothing so I asked him to leave. As he was leaving, he tells me its been over for a long time now. Anyway, now that we have been separated he now wants to come back home and get back together. I asked him about message and what he told me and all he says is that he sent the message just to see "what type of girl she is," and that he told it had been over for awhile because he was mad. I would appreciate what you think, would have done, etc. We had been married for 15 years and we have 2 boys, ages 13 and 15. Thank you.

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by: Anonymous

I did the same thing I confronted my husband and found that he thought it was just to reminisce and nothing. I found it very insulting. I actually decided to move on by divorcing him. I do not want you to think you could do the same thing. Just think u would want other women thinking that you are so clueless or weak. That is disrespectful.

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