From the Horses Mouth

by The Cheater

From the Horses Mouth

If she makes you cry a thousand tears,
cos you've suspected all along,

or if he has lied to you on occasions,
where hes going or where hes gone.

when you know its not adding up,
you start to check her phone,

and when he sees a colleague from work,
and omits "we were alone."

once youve realised the cold hard fact,
that you are not the one and only

dont be so harsh to you or them,
because its you who'll end up lonely.

just keep in mind "its just sex"
we are human and just give in,

and that tomorrow is another day,
yourself you should believe in.

you are the one they chose to wed,
you are the apple of their eye,

and thats why there are so many secrets,
to protect you when they lie.

you are the one who bears their kids,
or the one who takes the pay,

the reason they go home to you,
is a choice they've made to stay.

if they wanted to leave your side,
and to be with the 'other love'

it would have happened long ago,
for some 1 is not enough.

i got a quote from the horses mouth,
which i think of everyday,

then it reminds me how great i am,
and how i know he'll stay.

its "my marriage aint bad-im bad,
and ill never leave my wife,

i like the feeling of pushing my limits,
ive been doing this all my life."

all those in pain remember this,
what they're saying is the truth,

its not you its them,
and they never set out to hurt you.

sit at home or go out,
get distracted from the pain,

and smile knowing your having more fun,
when they go out out alone again.

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