GASLIGHTER - "I trusted him with my life.."

by Cheryl T
(Orange Park, FL)

I have been married to my husband SIKCE 1992. But officially together since we were 19 years old. For almost 14 years my husband worked out of town. Beginning in 2002. Our marriage wasn't the best and each time he left to go out of town I would cry profusely and he would tell me there is nothing more we can do since we needed the money. I trusted him with my life. He had friends come in to meet me and the friends would go ok and on about how honest he was and thus, I was sure he sat at the same table as Christ himself this is how much I trusted him.

Fast forward to late 2011 beg of 2012 when my husband walked through the door and announced to me at 48 years old that he didn't require sex as often anymore. I wasn't understanding. This was a man who had just got in from being out of town for the past two weeks.

Little things were starting to happen. First I could feel the distance starting. It was the most painful experience of my entire life! He till this day has me fee admitted it to me. He was mean not his usual self. Doing this time he got a new truck I work truck license plate BNS-JQ3 his name is Bill and the woman I suspected he was cheating with, her name was Sharon. So I said to him I really love your license plate BNS I proceeded to ask him does that stand for Bill and Sharon. Two weeks later he drives off to Melbourne Florida and won't be hold returns with what I did not know what the time was a novelty license plate BNS-2012 I remember saying to him oh my gosh I love the new license plate and repeated what it said to him I should come see it he said I already know it says I said no it says 2012 did you change the plate he answered no I showed my daughter I showed my son-in-law I showed my son remember saying to myself I need to take a picture of this and lo and behold one month later I'll park his arrival back from Melbourne the license plate had changed back to its originalBNS-JQ3. I know what I saw I know what I seen since then he has brought me to watch his back to back here's one for Christmas I want for our anniversary lo and behold my first watch I got last year miraculously disappeared and now the second watch that I got for Christmas has also disappeared.

My son left what money on the counter one time $70 that would missing two I asked my son if he took it because he was broke and moving into a new apartment several times my son said no that was almost 2 years ago six weeks to the day that the money went missing the money miraculously reappeared on a shelf in the kitchen the shelf I know I checked t 5000 times what I asked my husband if he thought our son took it he said no but the only one that could've taken it was my son and you put the money back so now I'm wondering just who the seafood is in my house all unions point to my husband but I have the golden Lord no proof no proof no proof how could somebody have the nerve to tell you to your face that the license plate you know you saw was never changed there wasn't even a sticker on the plate he left amusingly but quietly when I asked him where the original was what is up with him stealing my watch does he have somebody else he's giving it to he is all I know since I was 19 years old please any comments is he messing with my head is he trying to make me crazy I feel crazy enough already incidentally he did pass a lie detector test as well the lie detector test score was 1% probability that the person taking the test was being deceptive.

How is he getting away with this when I know what I saw with my own two eyes and I said to him one day you will be sorry for this and you will have no choice but to tell me the truth. It was like a changed person my husband went from boy to man it wasn't me who made him that way he's become condescending calling me names like lack always apologetic but still this is not the person I married how do you pass a lie detector test twice any suggestions as to where I go from here?

I just don't know why he would stick around. I am a good-looking woman and still have some left in me. Thank you for reading. I know I skipped over the place but there's so much more to the story then I guess I just don't know where to begin except for where I did begin blessings to all and thank you to all who respond.

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