Give Up! Not Give In!

by Yolanda
(Surprise, AZ)

For 5 years I have been with this wonderful, handsome, funny, great guy... Work had been increasing, and this new girl started,,, I had a gut feeling I didn't like her... And come to find out, there was a reason... She had a hold of my man... The funny thing is I believed nothing was going on, but as a woman I did question him every once in a while... i had a right she saw him more than me and they talked on the phone 5 times or more a day, but yet he was always too busy for me. Not to mention the text messages I couldnt see...

He would come home, and everything would seem ok, he loved me the same, we had sex like normal, he held me the same, talked to me the same, he bought me nice things...

He got a text from her that was what he told me, must have been sent tohim by mistake... (the out box was empty) I gave him the benifit of a doubt... I brushed it off, barely, but i did... It was always in the back of my mind though.

Then later, he had her boobs in his phone,,, (no face) he said it was a joke... Yeah Right!

One day he gave me his phone to answer it while he was busy at work, Dumb ass! I checked the text messages,,, HE was sleeping with her... Then when I confronted him, he confessed what I thought was everything... LIAR!!!! Lieka fool I'm still here and I regret the decision EVERY GOSH DAMN DAY!!! I love him so much, and we have a kid together and I frankly have no where to go... I DO LOVE HIM! but is it worth it to stay here? The pain is excruciating!!!

The answer is: NO IT's not worth it! Don't stay with someone whos cheated on you no matter what... When he was with her did he stop and say, "what am I thinking? This isn't right! I shouldn't do this!" But did he? NO! He did it OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!! Then after I forgave him, did it again! @uck That BS!!! I can't do this any more! You cant trust a man who cheated... He lied about it too much, too often and didnt give a *hit!

Men SUCK!!!

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