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Never Doubt Your Worth
by: Me, Suizanne Marie

.... I Have Come To Realize, A Relationship, When Two People, Truly Love Eachother, UnConditionally, & Of Course, Faithfully,,.. If A Women Feels Love, In Love, & Trusts The Love They Share, She Should Never, Will Never, Nor Ever, FEEL, Unworthy, Less of A Woman, doubt her worth, nor have to compare herself, to the Skanky, Sluts, The Man, WHO claims to love them, Are Caught, In The Company, Of, Obvious The Thought Intentions, Of The BOTH, of Them, In ??...
To Doubt My Worthiness, My Deservingness, Or My Self Worth, In My Relationship, With A Man I Love, Because Of Who Or WHAT, He Prefers, & Proves To Prefer, Over & Over & Over, Again, Time After Time, He Would Rather, The TRASH, & I'm Sorry, My Love, But, I AM NOT, THE TRASH!! KEEP YOUR TRASH!! The Garbage, The Trash, WORTHLESS!
?? Or ?? Maybe Not, FERTILIZER!?? =)

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