Gut feeling my wife is cheating - she knows I suspect her

Wife been very hateful towards me so I googled it. I have a gut feeling for sometime now, but she know that I suspect that she is cheating.

It said it could be sign of cheating. I also have the terrible feeling she's Cheating. No sex, she blocked me off facebook. She keeps her cell with her every second and everywhere she goes as if she is hiding something.

So I looked up how to catch her and wow it was a mistake. I started tracking car via gps. I checked the miles the other day and found that the car had more miles then what was tracked . She said she she drove to store 5 miles. The car had 25 extra mile on odometer.

I think she found gps and took off when she leaves. I never told her it was on the car. I asked where she went only five miles or so. She flipped out when i asked were she went said I'm paronoid psycho. Please any thoughts. It even harder to catch her because she knows that I suspect her of cheating.

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Paranoid Psycho
by: Anonymous

She knows she lied to you. She knows you do not trust her. If she wanted your trust she would discuss her whereabouts with you so that she could build your trust in her.

NAME CALLING is a common defense in our culture and it seems no one who is right knows how to defend themselves from the disparaging and cruel name calling.


What I did when she got angry when I challenged her in a lie was this:

- Stay in the same room with her and wait until the name calling and anger subsided.
- If she left the room to cut off contact after she was name calling and demeaning, I followed her.
- I stayed quiet, and I remained calm no matter how bad her anger was.
- When my wife shut up from either wearing herself out from yelling or because she just didn't care,
I then asked her this question:

WHY do you think I am stupid enough to believe that you traveled only ______ miles when the odometer says you traveled __________ miles.

When MY WIFE GOT ANGRY AGAIN because I asked her why she thinks I am stupid enough to believe her,

- If she called me another name or got angry again, I said this:
There ya go again, calling me stupid.

I repeated above procedure as often as necessary and without fail for a couple of years. Here is what happened for me.

- Challenging my wife increased her respect for me, because my silence would be a passive agreement that I was stupid.
- Challenging the lies of my wife made me feel like a man, and by challenging her I showed her that I was a man worthy of her respect.
- By challenging my wife on her lies I took back most of the personal power and self respect my wife took from me when she started lying and defending herself by calling me stupid, in the first place.

A wife doesn't think you are much of a man if she thinks you are stupid, right?

My wife now knows that my only remaining fear is that I will be too stupid to divorce her. That is and has been a greater and more profound fear for me, than my original fear that we would divorce.

Good luck.

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