Gut Says Cheating What you think - "He started talking about this woman.."

by Leala

Husband is self employed and a contractor. He doesn't punch a time clock. He was working on a job not far from home. There were a couple of times I came back from doctor appointments and stopped by to see the progress. (There wasn't any) He would act strange. He was surprised and the guy working with him was very nervous acting. I let it go as the other guy was just a nervous person.

He started talking about this woman that was going to rent the house and she would come by and ask them (mind you she was only going to rent nothing concrete from the home owner) to check on progress to hang out etc. This would occur three to 4 times a week.

He can't remember some of the homeowners names he does jobs for but he could remember her name. He was saying she would be alone and her husband was in the military and being deployed and she would need help. She would be a single mother etc. I felt was TMI.

He got the job done and she moved in he had another remodel at the house next door. She was over there daily several times a day. There was always an excuse for her to come over.

I would go by and she would go scurrying back to her house and give dirty looks and look angry at me. Husband called and asked to bring lunch did so she done the same thing as always and she inerupted us and he never introduced us. Something he always does with people that are on the jobsite.

I have an uneasy feeling about her. I don't trust her and why does she run and get angry at someone she has never spoken to. I spoke my concerns of thinking she is a trouble maker and he laughed it off.

Back again in the same neighbor hood and he gooes over to her house and her parents house. He doesn't know I am aware of this. He doesn't mention it either. What do you think?

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