So How Do You Know He Is Having an Affair?

So how do you know he is having an affair? It is one of the questions crossing your mind most often now-a-days. Is he having an affair? You are not sure, but things suddenly seem to have changed between you two and he has been acting differently these days. Here are few pointers that will help you find out:

Is He Is Having An Affair?
  1. He stops confiding in you and hardly talks to you about his plans as he used to do earlier.

  2. Your common friends have started acting strangely around you. Either they know he is having an affair or they feel guilty for not being able to tell you.

  3. He has suddenly set up a new cell phone account and has arranged for the bills to come directly to office.

  4. You find that he has been carrying condoms even while he knows that you are on birth control pills.

  5. He has been getting several calls during odd hours, and gets lots of text messages and sends a lot of text messages too. Also he has been religiously deleting all his incoming phone calls and messages, which was never the case before.

  6. He has been picking fights with you and keeps complaining that you are not as good as you used to be before.

  7. He has been doing lot of overtime, but it never shows up in his pay.

  8. He has either stopped having sex with you or suddenly wants to try a new love technique.

  9. He has lost interest in your home or doing things for the house or the family.

  10. He has started going on those 'drinking with the boys' nights every other weekday and keeps his mobile switched off during those times.

  11. He has developed a new habit of hitting the shower straight after he returns home.

"Do you really think he's cheating?"

f all the pointers that mentioned here ring true, then certainly it does seem like he's having an affair. Gather all the evidence and then try to have a heart to heart dialogue with him before you take any hasty decisions.

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