He lied and still is seeing her a year later

by Kara

He lied and still is seeing her a year later

I found out my husband started a relationship again with the same woman that he cheated on with me 14 yrs ago.

He has been doing it again with her almost 2 yrs now. I found out last May and on our 21 wedding anniversary he spent it with her in a cabin in the mountains.

We have 4 beautiful girls. last year when i found out he told me he only loved me and it was just sex.

But I found out she added a cell phone to her account and gave him his own phone. Well i found this phone and read texts he sent to her saying how much he loved her.

I have been very suspicious again and found another cell in his truck. Our anniversary was last Friday and he had even called her and talked to her that day.

I told him last night that out of respect for me he should of never done that. he blows up at me and says all men cheat it is how the are programmed.

he told me the only reason he still talks to her is too make sure she is ok. i feel so betrayed because i feel he thinks it is ok to have her in his life still only if he talks to her occassionaly.

I still think that is a form of cheating because he has had sexual relations with her. Plus she does not have children and I think she can devote all her time to him.

I love him but don't understand why he keeps breaking my heart. I know i need to get out of this situation.

But i am scared of being all alone . she told me that she doesnt care if he is married and that he can come see her when he likes. What kind of woman is this?

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