by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, Az USA)

Wes and I parted, After 6 yrs. I Loved Him, with all my Heart. I Loved All the time we spent together, doing things with him, we were so Compatible, We believed, We were meant to be.

I truly believed, He Loved Me. BUT, I caught him, more than a few times, In some pretty compromising predicaments, Interrupting, His Intent to cheat.

He'd Out Right Lie, To My Face, In his Defense. I'd Leave him, He'd want me back, He loved only me,..... Then, He decided, He, needed a break, after six yrs., & another female's #, In his phone, that wasn't what I thought, I might add.

We could work on us. He had hope for us, Still! Then, he decided, it was best if we go our seperate ways.

He wasn't with anybody, not trying to be, BUT, he Was , Cheating on me, For the LAST TIME! I KNEW. I KNEW. IN MY GUT.

When I discovered her #, in his phone, & his, more frequent, Late hours, @ work, I Knew!!

I called his Bitch, Told her She'd Be Next! TO Her Surprise, Did she know, About Me! LIAR, CHEATER! He Broke My Heart, & I Let Him!!

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