Heartbroken - "He is the most convincing liar ever"

My husband travels two to four days a week.
Every evening when i call him he never answers but will call me back and say that his phone battery is about to go so i wont be able to contact him.

I caught him cheating on me three years ago and forgave him. But i know in my heart and soul he is at it again but is so easy for him now as he is in an other country.

He has different mobile phones, 3 computers, credit cards going to his office where i cant get access.

He keeps his car locked at all times and i can never get the key as he keeps it with him always.

He is the most convincing liar ever and is much better at covering his tracks.

I need advice on how to get some evidence please.

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Your husband is definitely infidel. The next move is yours.
by: Anonymous

As someone who has had secret love for almost two decades I think your husband sounds sloppy almost intentionally so. His excessive secrecy has only tipped you off that something is wrong while at the same time making it difficult for you to resolve the situation.

He almost acts like he knows that you know and is only doing this to hurt you emotionally. And trust me, there is no doubt at all about this one. Your husband is infidel, probably very much so.

1) Get a good digital voice recorder and secret it in the liner of his luggage.

2) Get a gps tracker and secret it in his shoes. If you can find a voice recorder for them that may work too but they are a little bulky

3) You can hear everything said in his office by bouncing a laser off of the window. The equipment to do so and record the results is not expensive

4) You can see everything typed on his screen electronically by recording the em radiation emitted by the equipment.

5) You can get ESN and number of the cell phones by placing recording equipment outside the office

If you don't feel competent doing these things a good investigative company can do them for you.

Once you know where he is you can force the issue by just showing up unexpectedly.

But the question I have for you is this, since it is so apparent that your husband is going out of his way to hurt you why stay with him at all?

He is taking no steps to protect your feelings but is in fact flaunting the fact that he can hurt you at will. Move on to someone better. Immediately. Before you tear yourself apart.

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Some ideas
by: Anonymous

1. Have hard drive copied while he is out of town. It will only take a couple of hours to copy and you can get the computer back home. Report will take about a week.

2. During the night set up an online account for his phone. you have the number, his social, you need to figure out the password, if it is password protected. Temporary text message will be sent to phone. Delete text after setting up account. Detailed history of all calls and numbers texting to phone will be available for about 1 year.

3. If you have the money hire a private investigator.

4. GPS on vehicle. Very simple to set up. Brickhouse security is one of the websites that carries monitoring devices. Caught my husband at airport when he had just called and said he was in hotel for the night. Went to airport website to see what flights had just arrived. Only one flight was a place he normally has lay over. Went to carriers website and found where that flight originated. Bingo!

5. Back off, give him enough rope - they will always hang themselves!

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cheating partners
by: cheating partners

Early detection of cheating is very helpful for both partners. It may create a very severe emotional pain or solitude feelings but it is better to discover it earlier to give a chance to regain yourself and to lessen the burden of emotional devastation.

Why bother?
by: Anonymous

You know he's cheating on you. Why force yourself to see the black and white evidence, hon? It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about how that would feel.

You deserve better. If you're trying to get stuff for the divorce and alimony, hire a private detective or have a friend do the research for you. You don't have to subject yourself to this.

Anyways, good luck on your journey. :)

no access to husbands car
by: Anonymous

go to the car dealiership give them th vin number of his car and have a key made then you will have access of the car.

Once Caught?
by: Anonymous

Usually, when they lock you out, or say there is something wrong with their phone, it's suspicious enough to investigate. I recommend a spy program, for phone & computer. If you caught him before, he's probably still cheating.

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