by Sunflower
(Cincinnati ,Ohio)

Do you think I should take me having a dream about my boyfriend hugged up with one his female friends?

I never really trusted her to much for someone reason more than him, I say this because at first she used to call him late about 11:00 pm when we were togeher asking for favors like babysitting her children, money and to her move.

So it got the point where he got tired and figured we should meet and we did and I felt that when I met her she was being fake nice but underneath I felt she thought I was to good for her or plain out envious.

And after meeting her she told my boyfriend she does not like me because of the way i treat him and etc hours about her problem

I really deeply feel she is competing but why? It is weird and I have got on my boyfriend about going over there when I don't talk to him when I am mad and it has been going on secretly I guess so I wont get mad.

Now she claims to have a partner which I heard him on the phone once when my boyfriend was talking to her but as it seems he is in and out of her life.

When my boyfriend took me over there the guy was not there I did not even see his things there and that was a suspicion to me.

But one time when I told her how I felt over the phone she stated she has someone and about she had been knowing my boyfriend longer than me and then I told her well im in his life now get use to it.

Something does not feel right about it even though I met her, then after getting mad with my boyfriend over something petty and told him to leave me by myself later that night I had a dream about a family event and saw him with her and his arms was around her the feeling it gave in the dream was shocking but thrown in my face as If i left him and used to hurt me.

Please can someone tell me what could this be and should I maybe take key? Thanks

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