Hes cheating with a co-worker traffic cop(51 Division)

I found his cell phone bill and he was talking to a female cop from works every single day for a minimum of 60 minutes.

He swears they are just friends (ya right) he even went to her home to fix her computer and brought dinner so they could eat.

He refuses to talk about it. I have a picture of her on her police motorcycle giving the sign with her middle finger.

I would love for her staff seargent or members of the Toronto police see it!

The picture I have is PDF and I don't have the program to convert to jpeg.

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Surprise Surprise
by: Anonymous

Well Ladies
I have even a better one for ya, My husband of 17 years who also is a cop was caught cheating this weekend with a co-worker of his for the past 7 months to the point where they were telling each other they loved each other. I was told of the affair by her husband Yes she is also married to a soldier who happens to be deployed. Well Its all still fresh to me and I just want to know can it be salvageable because my heart loves this man but my gut is telling me to get out and run as far as I can go!!! HELP please!!!

scan the pic
by: Anonymous

scan the picture and it be formatted into a jpeg

All The men in blue due it i swear
by: same boat

let me tell you girl i swear every time i hear about cops it makes me feel like its apart of their job description to cheat. My guys a cop and i just caught him red handed in the cookie jar and like you mine says their friends, but don't just think about the work ones he was talking to females he met on the street during work. the bad part is i am 7 months pregnant but just remember one thing to your advantage theyre never home so revenge is a bitch

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