How Can I Find Out Who’s Calling My Husband?

by Distressed-K

How Can I Find Out Who’s Calling My Husband?

I am in a stage in which I don’t trust my husband. I caught him cheating a little over a year ago and ever since then I lost complete trust in him. I have constant urges to check his cell phone.

When I do, I see phone numbers on there that I do not recognize. I never considered myself a jealous person, but my mind has been playing tricks on me. I do not want to sneak behind his back to call the suspicious numbers that I see on his call log, but its driving me crazy not to know.

I want to know how can I find out who’s calling my husband without physically snooping behind his back? I have seen and heard about the “reverse cell phone lookup” and other phone tracing devices but I am yet to try one. Has anyone tried one of these and is any better than simply checking his phone log when he is in the shower and calling the suspicious numbers back later with *69.

I am looking for some advice! Help! Which is the best cell phone look up program out there? Should I use one? I am trying to get the answers I need but I would like to do it as ethical as possible.

I just want to find out who's calling my husband and if he is cheating on me. I can take this anymore!


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by: Anonymous

I dont understand why people stay togther if they are sick to there stomach in distrust, are we so scared of being alone, or have to have power over others,that i can keep him, regarless if your happy or not,

seems if i lost all my trust, i wouldnt want to live this way. If he is wanting somthing else show him the door, dont beg him an make him feel guilty an stay with ya, then ya have to worry all the time, not a way to live, u say its love, if it was love youd trust him, or he wouldnt have ever strayed to begin with.

I just caught my hubby cheating by a number
by: Anonymous

You can go to white pages if it is a home number, sorry to say for the cell numbers, you will probably have to pay, unless the woman owns a home.

I used the reverse cell phone lookup cell phone look-up on this site and paid and got her name. What I did before that was I put in the cell number before I paid and it gave me a latitude and longitude of where the woman lived, unfortunately mine lived in an apartment building.

Just find a site that finds places using latitude and longitude and type in the coordinates from the site and if the woman owns a home, you may be in luck, if not I would get a list of all numbers and then sign up for the sight and pay for a month or however long you need to.

This worked for me, and I actually talked to the lady my husband slept with last Friday night.

She was surprised by the fact that he was married, because he told her he was divorced and had his kids this past weekend that is why they couldn't get together.

How to find out he's cheating
by: Jenny

The has reverse phone search, which is pretty accurate.

If he's done it once, there's a good chance he'll do it again. That "feeling" you have is your intuition telling you something.

I went through this not too long ago. After catching him once, a year later, I started getting that funny feeling again. He accused me of being paranoid, so I did not check the numbers. I noticed excessive calls to one particular number and when I confronted him, he said that it was a friend of his. (and the "other" numbers were people borrowing his phone at work) UNTIL... One of my kids asked me why he jumped at his cell phone when it rang and would not let them touch it.. I called the number and a woman answered. I hired a detective and found that it was a coworker (had worked with her 6 months) and continued communication after that. We are in the process of separating. I can not live with someone I don't trust. I can do a lot better.

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