How could u be so sure is blind..i was anyway...

by Fatima

how could u be so sure is blind..i was anyway..

I was in love with this guy..Im still dating him now..but on a kind of shaky edge..after I've forgiven him..

Anyway the story goes..he was dating this girl who he says he loved at one time..and then she used to hear rumours that he was a player..etc..

so apparently he says she cheated on him but he never cheated on her..yeah he admits he'd flirt with girls..but anyway I was his friend at the time she cheated on him..

And I was there for him..I was so close to him and loved him as a frend also..

But I never revealed my true feelings towards him until they broke up..which was a huge mistake..guys take advantage...

But the thing that hurt me the most was that I loved him with everything I had and we were the closest of friends..we'd do anything for each other..

And I was betrayed..worst thing is I found out from her..anyway he said he was over his ex girlfrend but he obviously not..and we started dating and guess what..he was still sleeping with her behind my back!

She wanted to know all along if we were going out and I didn't realize why because i thought it was none of her business plus she loved making dramas at college so I denied it and so did he..

But he denied it all for the wrong reasons so he could carry on sleeping with her..

Even though they weren't really in a relationship..and i didn't realize she was asking because she was sleeping with him..

They both just used each other for sex u see after they broke me why u would want to sleep with a sl** who cheated on u..

Anyway as faithful as i was..i believed everything he said..every word because I trusted him from the beginning...

But then sometimes littlest things in the world that no one seemed to notice
i'd notice them?

I dont know why..dont know where I got the idea from that he was cheating seeing as he was on the
phone to me all day as soon as i returned from college..

And i was with him at college all day it was was just things tht a normal person wudnt notice..

and then i got i talked to a girl who was frends with his ex (his ex hated me coz i was his frend while they were together) anyway i told this girl to talk to her and see wht shes sayin..

this girl told me his ex wants to no if u like him or if theres anything going on btween u coz if there is then its nt worth she didnt say why..

she didnt want anyone to no she was sleepin around wth a guy she wasnt dating evn tho it was her ex..

anyway i got suspicious and wanted more info and then this girl said look i think this guy is using u as a way to get over his ex coz ive seen things in her texts which wud kill u with the hurt..and i cudnt believe it..

I prayed they werent there or they werent frm gues wht they i felt like everyone I had ever trusted must have broken my trust because this one guy I trusted with my life seemed to have crushed my world...betrayed me..slashed me in the heart..

it hurt so bad..the texts were disgusting and i couldn't even begin to imagine him in bed with her while he was with me..the times when i'd been told by him he was at home getting ready for college he was in bed in a near hotel with her..

The times at night his phone may hve been busy it was her..the reason why he would never let me see his phone..reason was her..the times he told me he couldn't access his email from college..

because he was sleepin with her yes ...reality hit me....i found out everythin from her..

she met up with me and yes she told me for her own selfish reasons because shed hated me talkin to him from the beginning when they were goin out and my frendship with him was totally innocent..

she had believed there was something going on then too..anyway she enjoyed tellin me how he'd been in bed with her and what theyd been up to as tears streamed down my face..

it was unbearable..i couldn't imagine my baby cheatin on me..and then she even rang him in front of my face and yes it was him everything shed told me was the truth..

And he was beggin her not to tell me anything not knowing i was stood there listening to everything..idiot.. anyway i felt sick..disgusted betrayed hurt...and worst thing i couldn't even ask him about it straight away..because shed tld me i had to keep it to she didnt wnt him findin out..

Again for her own selfish reasons..i dont no why he did it.why he slept with her and broke the heart of the girl tht loved him with her life and still does and i dont know why he never saw the type of girl i affected me alot..

sad i was i admit...torn..but i do love him and ive told him i forgive working my way towards it..i can't hurt him even though he hurt me...he realized he says that what love is and the thought of losing me was unbearable..

Now i know he has no contact with her..but sometimes i think if a guy can cheat once...the first time he said he'd never hurt u..u blieved him with ure life..trusted him beyond anything and never had a doubt..

But he broke that..

And now hes saying the same things just tht he wont cheat on me ever AGAIN but who knows he might do it again..

Guys dont do it..u only screw ureself over big'll realize u lost a precious diamond..while u were too busy collecting stones..

Lifes not it..

So u have something you're proud of and without the guilt of such a story..have a heart pure and loyal..not fake n cheap....God bless x

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