How Do I Stop My Boyfriend From Speaking to His Ex-Girlfriend?

by Priscilla

How do I stop my boyfriend from speaking to his ex-girlfriend? I recently discovered that my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend have been talking back and forth.

I saw a few texts that confirmed this. The texts were fairly innocent in nature, but I am scared to where it may lead. I also fear that I came across these innocent texts while there may be more.

I don't want to sound like I am a controlling b*tch but it really bothers me. We spoke about it once before and he said that he would find a way to let her know that it wasn't okay to contact him.

Now I am wondering if he may be the one that has been keeping this going.

Are there any girls out there that feel like its okay for their boyfriend to keep up the lines of communication with their ex.

I would appreciate any kind of feedback concerning my situation (how do I stop my boyfriend from keeping open the line of communication with his ex-girlfriend without sounding psycho?)

Thanks in advance....


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Comments for How Do I Stop My Boyfriend From Speaking to His Ex-Girlfriend?

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Pretty simple actually
by: Anonymous

Be more interesting than her.

Don't nag him about her in any way because it will just make her more attractive. You focus on you. Give him a reason to be madly in love with you. Don't be clingy.

Make him chase you a little and maybe occasionally let him feel the branch creak every now and then by mentioning a past boyfriend in passing.

by: Anonymous

same here.also have the same excact issue with my boyfriend.I guess its dangerous and in due time twill grow back to where its was..

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