How do you stop the cheating from happening

by Allie Smith

We Were So Happy

We Were So Happy

I am a wife of a cop in a small town. I never thought of my husband cheating until a friend of mine was going through a rough time because her husband had became so distant.

Jason ( my husband) came home after 14 months in Iraq to the same home he left. He was never a cheater and the last man on earth I thought would cheat.

It all started when I was checking the mins on our cells phone bill. I keep finding the same number over and over again..

I thought to myself just a co-worker. texting and calling about cop things. Well I was wrong!!!!!! The phone records show 30-60 text messages a day and up to 15 calls in a 24 hour day.

I confronted him about and lord he got sooo mad. I knew then...OMG my heart was in my throat.

He replies it is just a woman who works at the courthouse we are just friends. SHe needs someone to talk to about her kids and I need someone to talk about you.

I thought to myself now he is lying to me. I tried to call her and she would not answer me nor my text messages. So I went to her work.

My aunt works up stairs and does payroll. I asked her to pull the name with the number and she did. Come to find out this woman is 43 years old and is married with grand kids.

My husband is only 27. That is gross, but anyway got her name. I told my aunt what was going on and come to find out my husband is not the only one she was messing with.

There are three other police officers wives that have came to the courthouse on her. I got a call 5 mins after i walked down the courthouse stairs..

it was another wife of a guy that was cheating with her. So I found out who she was, what she did, and how she does it.

The other wife has had longer to find out things about her they had been having a affair for 5 years.

So she tells me everything. I run to jason and tells him he blow it off but by the phone records he got alittle upset.

It has been almost a month the calls and text have slowed down but they are still at it.

Everyday I look at my husband I think of how much he has hurt me and our family. This has to stop I dont know how much more I can take.

I am also a cop and I find myself letting my home life effect my work.... Tell me PLEASE How does one deal with the pain of a cheater.

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It Starts Out By U Forgiving Him
by: Babe

Hi...U have done all the right things...U do need to get down to the bottom of the mess he has caused...

The reason why a spouse cheats is due to lack of attention...They look for it some place else..But ur husband really does love u...

I have searched many websites and encountered many answers from marriage counselors...I can send them to u , for u to read and educate urself also...

The cheating spouse , causes punishment to the faithful spouse, and it's all done unjustifiably...

U need to start communicating and not take each other for granted...Bring back the courtship, romance, affection u both had so strong in the beginning of ur marriage...

Regaine what u both had, but deep down inside each others hearts, still do have....

U can email me directly and i'll send u the websites for u to read...

Will do my best to help u get through this...The steps to take are very simple...


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