How I Got Away From Cheating Men

by LaDonna
(Overland Park, KS)

Been there, way too many times. Bottom line is this...if you thing he is, guess what he is. Your instincts are right.

If you want to get away from these men that destroy your mind (they try to make you think you are crazy), your body (you over eat or lose too much weight) and destroy your self-esteem (you are not worthy of them), then go back to your roots.

You will find out that your dad cheated on your mom, her dad cheated on her mom and so on and so on. We chose these men because we were raised by them.

I married the bad boy types. If you are attracted to them, stay away. They will break your heart and walk away unscathed.

I ended up going through a course for being married to a sex addict. I know this sounds stupid for most people, but let me tell you, if you get the course, go to the meetings you are going to find out that every thing, every thought was on the mark.

You are going to cry, get angry, cry again, and again, but in the end it is so worth it. You are worthy. They are the ones who are not worthy of you.

Remember the next time his story does not add up, you are right. Shove him out the door, give him a chance to correct it by getting help and if that is too much to ask, (and it probably will be), get rid of him.

Good luck, Ladies!

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