How to Deal With an Ex Boyfriend that Wants You Back – 3 Important Rules To Follow!

How to Deal With an Ex Boyfriend

Are you looking for ways on how to deal with an ex boyfriend that wants you back? The good thing about this scenario is that it gives you options to choose from.

This situation may seem stressful to you right now, but there are many women out there that would love to be in your shoes.

You should never play with anyone's emotions, but by being civil and cordial towards your ex you will have options.

Having options is only good if the choices are good. If one of the choices is not a good one, it shouldn't be available to you. Get rid of it immediately!

Here are a few points to consider when looking for ways on how to deal with an ex boyfriend that wants you back.

An Ex is An Ex for a Reason

Your relationship with your ex boyfriend came to an end for a reason. You need to keep focused on the reason that he became your ex. Depending what that reason is, it will be in your best interest that he remains your ex.

However, if the relationship ended because of an outside factor that lead one of you to make a misjudgment then you are in a different boat of course.

Kill Him with Kindness

I mentioned to never play with someone's emotions, but being nice to someone is not a crime. He may be expecting you to be a complete bitch towards him but you will not be taking that approach.

If you do encounter him while out with your friends, you can still smile with him while being firm with your words. It will certainly throw him off and he will want you back even more than ever!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You never know when you are going to run into him or when someone will get word back to him about your appearance so be on top of your game. This approach is a good one because it will also turn heads wherever you go.

The time apart is just what you need to get back in the gym to work your way back to a healthy you. We all slack when we are comfortable in a relationship so being single again will be the slap in the face you needed.


These are few points on how to deal with an ex boyfriend that wants you back, but the key to a successful transition to a happy you is to stay focused on what you want. Take the time apart to decide what will make you happy.

When you figure this out, immediately start moving in that direction. Do not base that decision on your ex boyfriend's feelings. This is your choice!

"Getting revenge on an ex is sweet!" - Todd from Cali

Do not feel bad for making a decision to make yourself happy. The relationship would never have worked in the long run if you were not happy in it. Take your time with your choices!

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