How to Get Verizon Text Messages Records - Is It Possible?

I am looking to learn how to get Verizon text messages records. There are various opinions on whether or not you are able to obtain the actual text messages from Verizon wireless.

The below are some excerpts from Yahoo Answers:

Verizon Cell Phone Text Messaging Question?

Is there a way to obtain a copy of sent text messages on a cell phone?

I mean, can the company be contacted by someone authorized and them be able to see what was texted, not just to and from who?

Yes, all carriers will make the texts available to the account holder upon request, to law enforcement with a search warrant and to third parties with a subpoena.

No. They do not keep records of what is sent.

You will see who is texted, but not what is text. No cell company keeps those records. It would take a ton of space and energy. Even if they did you would likely need a court order to get it as it is considered privacy rights and they wouldn’t want to spend money to recover it just for anyone who wants it.

Conclusion on how to get Verizon text messages records:

Based on what I am reading in most of the forums, the only way you can obtain the Verizon text messages is for it to be subpoenaed in a court of law.
Do you know otherwise?

It also seems that Verizon only keeps the actual text messages available for a short period of time.

Based on my conclusion and depending on why you need the text messages, you may want to consider a computer monitoring program to monitor you home computer’s activities.

A lot of the same information that one passes along via text, is passed along on the home computer.

This is a very effective way to catch a cheating partner.

Please feel free to chime in if you know how to get Verizon text messages records.

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