How to Have an Affair

Follow These Rules and You Won't Get Caught!

Want to know how to have an affair? This article will give you all the details you need know!

Before I get into the actually details of having an affair, there are a few questions I will answer to warm you up.

How to Have an Affair- Secret Lover

So, why do People Have affairs? How to Have an Affair- Secret Lover Relationships and marriages are very difficult to maintain over the long haul. Two individuals come together to form the bond that is supposed to keep the relationship together. If you read the last sentence and thought about it you would possibly see the reason relationships are so hard.

Individuals are different by definition, now add the dynamic factor that these individuals are always changing (some may call it growing). That alone can be a recipe for disaster! The person you met 5 years ago may have completely vanished!

We come across so many wonderful people each and every day of our lives with so many different characteristics to fill the ocean. Today you meet that girl with the prettiest smile you have ever seen and tomorrow the one with the eyes that can light up any room. How about that coworker that seems to keep you so mentally intrigued with their conversation?

The people that have affairs allow themselves to open up to these other individuals after being drawn in by either a physical, mental, or emotional attraction. Hopefully they have read this article on how to have an affair before they dive in.

Is it easy to have an affair?

This question can is tricky! A businessman that cheats on wife while away in a different country with a woman he will never see or speak to again may be as easy as it gets. However, a woman that falls in love with a coworker will almost always find it impossible to keep it under wraps over the long haul.

An affair can grow into whatever the lovers allow it to become, and many times this happens and they are powerless to stop it because they are too deeply entangled to do so. This is also usually another sure fire recipe for disaster.

So with all the risks involved, you still want to know how to have an affair? Are you sure?

"I was so caught up in the affair!"

Here are 5 Rules to Live by When Having an Affair:

  • Don't Change Your Routine – This one may seem hard, but it is a must if you want to keep a lover. Once your routine begins to change, an alarm will surely go off in your spouse or loved ones head and the investigation may be soon to follow!

  • Solid Story – Before you even head out on the streets, you need to have a solid story already in place that will cover all the angles. This means, everyone potentially involved must know their roles from the start! This prevents slipups from nervous responses later.

  • Stay Focused – As long as you choose to stay with your current partner, you need to stay focused in giving her and the family the time and interest they need to keep that same alarm from going off. Acting distant? Oh boy, that's a tell-tale sign!

  • Be As Honest As You Can – This goes for your lover and your loved one. Don't promise the lover the world if you don't intend to give them that. The love and lust can quickly become hatred and despise!

  • The Less That Know the Better – We all know how guys like to brag, but this is a big reason why affairs are discovered. I see this so often in office affairs where the buzz begins quietly around the office until it becomes a screaming "yes we are doing each other" noise that can't go unnoticed.

So do I think that it is okay to have an affair? At this point in my life absolutely not! So why did I write this article "How to Have an Affair"? To be honest, this article is not giving away any ancient secret that will make someone less likely to get busted.

I can speak from personal experience when I say that the affair will take a path of its own and this article will not be the reason they continue to get away with it or eventually get busted! When they are busted, all the nights of pleasure may become faint in comparison to the years of pain and sorrow. This is just something to think about.

How to Have An Affair - Caught Cheating

I am also hoping that this article on how to have an affair does get the attention of someone that is considering an affair just so I can personally get the point across that:

It's just not worth it! Do the right thing and remain single if one is not enough!

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