How to Spot the Signs of a Cheater – It's Easier than You Think

how to spot the signs of a cheater

In this article I will discuss how to spot the signs of a cheater. Humans are creatures of habit, and there are certain things that they do over and over without even noticing it.

Well despite your personal beliefs, cheaters are indeed humans and they display these habitual signs especially when cheating.

Catching a cheater is not that difficult if you have some patience. In fact the reason that most cheaters get away with their acts is because the spouse just doesn’t feel like making the effort in checking up on details that they thought were questionable.

In a committed relationship you have the right to ask questions, and when those questions don’t make sense you also have the right to check into the answers.

How to Spot the Signs of a Cheater – Know These Signs:

Unusual Schedule on Certain Days – Okay so you notice that your spouse is out late on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but you realize that he doesn't answer his phone only on Thursdays. He just somehow seems to get lost only on that day.

On average, cheaters need about a 3-4 hour window period in order to spend time with their lover. So keep a log handy to record the suspicious activities that you notice. So in your log, you would notice over time that Thursday are his "shady days". Right away you have now narrowed the month down to 4 days that you now have to really pay attention to.

Appearance Changed – Is your man or woman getting all dressed up all of a sudden? Does it seem like they only get dressed up when they are not going out with you? In order to impress their new lover, they need to show that they have fashion appeal.

Sex Life Has Diminished – He use to want to have sex every night, now he doesn’t seem to be interested anymore. When this happens, it is probably because he is getting it from someone else.

The above are just a few tips on how to recognize the signs of a cheater, and if you pay attention to what is going on around you these signs of cheating will be easy to recognize.

Remember, people are habitual so all you really need to do is break down their typical week and you will surely be able to narrow the week down to the days in which they may be cheating.

Keep that log handy, make notes and you will quickly find out how to spot the signs of a cheater on your own.

"I logged everything that he did and I was able to recognize his cheating signs"

Good Luck!

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