How To Tell If A Guy Is Cheating

These 3 Tips Will Let You Know If Your Guy Is Cheating On You

Dating 101: How to Tell if a Guy Is Cheating

how to tell if a guy is cheating

You’ve been together for some time now, but your guy is acting shady all of a sudden. What does that mean? Here are some tips to keep close that will help to tell you if your guy is cheating.

1.He Doesn't let you close to his lines of communication. The number one way to catch your guy cheating is by his means of communication. If he use to allow you to use his phone or passwords before and that suddenly changes then you need to watch him closely. Incriminating e-mails, IM chats, cell phone texts or bills are usually the way that cheater will get busted. So if he's being unfaithful, he may guard his gadgets or act really defensive when you innocently touch his phone or computer. It should be a giant red flag if he readily gave you passwords in the past, and now he's more evasive.

2.Self grooming has become a priority. Your guy is now overly concerned with grooming himself and his overhaul appearance. Well, if you remember when you first met him how he took the time to make sure everything was in place, well he's doing that for the new chick. This is so obvious, but it's a sign many women miss.

3.He comes home with a different scent. "I have been noticing that husband has been coming home with a different fragrance, I give him the benefit of the doubt but it's not adding up" You senses are leading you in the right direction but it's up to you to listen to them.

These are 3 quick tips on how to tell if a guy is cheating.

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