Hurt Guy

My wife cheated on me 3 time's (that I know)with the same guy but now she say's she's faitful,but won't sleep with me what do I do.

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by: Anonymous

Your wife is a liar and a cheat, you said so yourself. So now you have to ask yourself what do I want , do I want to stay with this life-sucking who*e of a woman or do I want to have a normal life with a woman who loves me. Which shall it be

Plan Your Exit.....
by: Anonymous

If you have any dirt on her save it as leverage for the divorce. Now plan your exit, remember you are not losing anything except your innocence, she is a no good heartless person, who is more like a demon, and not a mate, so no real loss.

loss of love
by: Anonymous

She isn't in love with you anymore. She loves the guy she was/is cheating on. She feels like she will be cheating on him if she sleeps with you.

I know it sounds weird since she is your wife. Your life is forever changed, you caught her 3 times and you are still together.

She knows you will never leave her. The marriage won't survive, she is most likely only with you still because you have children.

Don't stay together for the sake of the children theory. You will never have the same relationship again, too much damage has occurred.

She will continue to cheat on you regardless of her claims. Move on brother!

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