Husband Father dream guy......

by AJ
(San Diego, CA)

I don't know where to start. I'm in the military (US Navy) and a 6 year old daughter. My family is from another country and just recently came to the US about 3 years ago. Since my wife has been with me here in the US, she can not even try to think of a time where she did not know where I was, who I was with nothing.

Recently I found out this month earlier she had an abortion (pills). I have never opened her mail EVER, but things have been going up and down with us, and this piece of mail on Saturday just felt suspect. It had her maiden name on it.

I opened it, planned pregnancy parenthood was writing her telling her she needed to come in for her follow up after her 2nd treatment of pills.

The last time we had sex was NOT EVEN JOKING early April, and I was in maybe six strokes and she pulled away from me and I went in the bathroom for the next few minutes and finished up. She has the nerve now to tell me it was mines. Am I that dumb?

Now she admits to have an sexual affair with some guy for a while now. I come home everyday and watch our daughter. She is getting into the "hollywood" life and is always out.

Don't come home until 11 am sometimes after, telling me oh I was just with the girls and crashed by one of them. Heck some weekends she won't come home until Sunday night or early 5 am Monday morning.

I support my wife in ALL her endeavors and this is how she shows me. I am leaving for a year to the Gulf and asked her if she can just spend the last month with me and our daughter, she says flat out NO she has to many other important things going on. Then I stoop so low as to ask her for 1 day and what does she tell me. Again flat out NO.

For the past 2 1/2 years I can not hug her, she sleeps on the couch most of the time, nothing. I have had some of her female friends who have heard what is going on, email/call me telling that they will vouch for me if there is a custody case for my daughter. Even my 6 year asks her mom all the time, why she doesn't spend time with us, she is always with her friends and never home with us.

make this simple... this is one of your reversed cases. everything a "guy" is typically guility of is my wife and i'm the "woman". I love her still, but the fact that she has been sleeping with someone which she admits, but he means nothing to her anymore I can't be with her anymore. It hurts me more than ever. Then this abortion. I don't support that at all and she had one. Wether it was for me or not, I can not be with someone that supports it.

What's killing me now is I am going to the Middle East in a month and don't know how I am going to get my daughter in someone else's care until I come back in a year. I don't trust her. My daughter knows.

My wife is to lazy to wake up and make breakfast in the mornings for her. There are many times she goes to school with no breakfast, always late to school. She has to wake her mom up in the morning to take her to school.

My daughter gets her own breakfast, shower, clothes for school. I mean it kills me when she tells me this and I tell my wife, what the fuck is wrong with you, this is your child that you gave birth to and you can not do these simple things.

I have taught my daughter when she wakes up, to fold up her nighty and put under her pillow, hang up her towel after showers, make up her bed, etc. Then she asks me, how come mom doesn't do those things, and I tell her don't worry about it you do it and you will be ok.

Do you know how many women that I have met me, friends wives, girlfriends and even other women that have gotten to know me just a little have all told me, they wish they could meet a guy like me, I'm that dream guy/husband that you can only dream about, but there I am in person and how lucky my wife must be.

now the only song I can listen to is Eamon, Fuck It. is that wrong?

Gosh what do i do?

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