Husband flirting with his secretary?

I don't know what to do i feel sad mad hurt
i wanna be strong and shrug it off because i figure my husband is doing this to make me jealous but i cant help to think what if its real when we were just dating he had the nerve to show pictures of his secretary touching his private part well it was a candle and he pretended it was his u know what then he even told me that one time he told her to give him a ******** and she said not now later now i let it pass cuz we were just dating and theres some history to probably why he would tell me that (get me jealous)but i met her once on his bday party and she told me sarcastically god bless me for marrying him like in other words good luck i didnt say anything through out the party i got thsi vibe like she didnt wanna talk to me it was strange anyway so latley out of nowhere my husband is starting again with the little mind games the other day i was talking to him and i hear her in the background hes like today im gonna be longer at work its like he uses her to make me jealous when hes jealous so thing is he gets jealous over stupid things so i dont know what to think anymore then again im talking to him this is the next day and i hear again he alreayd knows i dont like her for the fact of what i seen on his bday party they took a pic together like if they were a couple she ignored me didnt say congrats and the way she acts she seems like a whore cuz my husbands boss flirts with her too and she even sat on his lap and u know what my husband seemed serious when that happened like he got jealous i got this vibe that my husband wasnt being his normal self since i was there present its all a mess and im upset sorry for the grammar or punctuation but im like down now

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