I absolutely want to get him back!!!

I found out about 4 weeks ago that my husband has been cheating on me and have doing alot of self exploration and alot of soul searching to suss out the reason why he would do something like this to our marriage.

I have been a loyal and faithful wife, I have never turned him down for sex, I chose not to have children because he was not interested in having any more (he has two by his first wife)and I have been hard working and understanding when he tells me he needs alone time.

I have not been a pushover in this marriage nor have I been a shrew. I have been an equal partner. I have explored how I feel and I just want him to feel how I feel right now.

I want him to know how it feels to be lied to and ashamed. For all those that say "Revenge isn't the way to go, seek forgiveness in yourself and then forgive him", I say PHOOEY!!!!!

I am a mental health professional and have spent my career telling people to seek forgiveness and to forgive and now I say that I was wrong. I think that it would not hurt me to find someone that would call him and lie to him for me, not about me cheating but about something else.

If anyone out there is interested in exchanging a favor for a favor, i.e. getting revenge on each others spouses in a non-sexual venue. email me at jillybean9866(at)hotmail.com

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