I Am Faithfully Yours

I am faithfully yours...

I am faithfully yours...

When I lay my head down at night

My thoughts are of her

When you touch me in the dark

I wish the skin was hers

You did me wrong and now it is my time

I stayed with you faithfully but now its time to get mine

So I could hand you the pain you left with me

Well darling I hope that you receive it with no hesitancy

I hope your heart will burn like mine

And that you cry till you have no more tears you dirty swine

Because that is the life you chose for me

So today I return the favor faithfully

I hope that one day you will learn this lesson

And play it back in your head the day I told you I wasn’t mess’n

I meant every word I said

It just took me awhile to find the right bed

On our special day you told me until death do us part

You decided to kill my mentally then tore us apart

I hope that you enjoy the life that you chose

It’s a lesson learned to where the greener grass grows

Faithfully Yours….

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