I am other woman, 17 years later...

by Mary

Yes, I'd like to know if anyone else has lasted this long. We met on a ski trip. He first told me he was separated and a day after the trip, he told me he was married. He asked me to meet him and I said no.

Then a week went by and I didn't hear, until he called. At that point, I agreed to meet him. The first couple years I think I was in love or infatuation.

We went many places, as he was able to get out of the house. I think I eventually wrote or called his wife because it bothered me. He then was put "on a leash" and could no longer get out.

But he would still call and we would meet somewhere, but wasn't as easy. So she knew about the affair. I actually talked to her a couple of times. They had no children at home any more, grown. We were in our 50's.

So another 11 years go by and he left one night and came to my house. But she eventually cries and he goes back. At that point, she told the adult children (2) and I actually talked to his son on the phone.

But nothing was ever mentioned after that among his family. We could only see each other once a week, but now it's sometimes twice.

She is aware, but believes him every time he says it's over between us. It has gotten to the point we don't do much anymore except he does help me a little financially, like gas, and lunches. And little cash.

We don't do fun things any more, however, he is in his 70's now. He still wants sex, however, which he doesn't get from his wife. So I am ready to get out and he knows it.

I guess I just stay for the little help he provides me. We certainly have a history, never argue, and get alone. We thought we were soul mates when we first met. And after this long, maybe we are. I don't see it ending unless I do.

I have searched for others, on line, with no success. I would like feedback if you have any. I don't get much out of the sex either. He doesn't have much backbone. He didn't have a checking account when I met him and I got him that.

He doesn't get his own Social Security as it goes into a joint account. She controls everything including his male friends which he has none.

He married right out of the service and admits it was a mistake. If only I would meet someone, I could easily walk away.

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