I Am Part of a Love Triangle

When I first met my boyfriend he had an ex that he would constantly argue with me over the phone. We were inseparable in the beginning and would have sex 3 times a day.

All of a sudden it turned to spending time with no sex. That was fine but when he started working things changed drastically!

Phone calls became scarce and not to mention the time we used to spend together. On his birthday I got a call from his "ex" telling Me she's his girlfriend and so on, not to mention she called from his phone.

Later he called sayin she took it and broke it. On another occasion she followed us for nearly half an hour.

She even showed up at my home the next morning and the following. How could she possibly know where u are?

The latest is theyre moving together! More text from his phone and also that they r together everyday.

He tells me he loves me but I'm not sure what to believe anymore. And not to mention their cells r one number off , and she says they have shared plans.

If he is still with her then why does he feel the need to lie to me? Feelings of betrayal and hurt in Louisiana.

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Even the playing field - "turn the triangle into a square"
by: Anonymous

Don't let yourself be treated this way.

Find yourself another and turn the triangle into a square. Then when things are balanced tell him to make a choice and you do the same.

by: Anonymous

You're too good for this. Run away from the loser, he's not worth destroying your self-esteem over.

I Know How You Feel
by: Suzanne

I Was The One, My Man Cheated With, When He Was Leaving His GF Before Me! He Cheated With Others, While We Were Together. If She's Telling You She's Still His GF, Then She Is Still His GF! Have You Asked Him? If They Are Moving In Together, Then They Are Still Together, & If I Get the Picture, I Think I'm Getting, Then He'll Probably be calling you, again, when they get settled. But, Mark My Words, If She's Anything Like Me, then, She's Gonna Make Her Presence Known!! To You, Especially!!

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