I am the "other woman" ... if you think your husband would NEVER cheat, think again

by Laura
(South Carolina )

Yes, I am the "other woman". Trust me, I'm your best friend and we go to girls nights together. I'm the person you'd call if you suspect your husband is cheating and I'd give you advise. Probably pretty good, because I know the signs. I do not have a scarlet "A" on my chest. I go to church every Sunday. The man I'm having an affair with you'd NEVER guess he'd be unfaithful. Trust me, I didn't think we'd ever be tangled up in this web of passion & lies. But that's where we are.

While you are busy reading these stories and thinking "could he?" or "these poor woman", think again.

And if you think your husband is ever going up confess to his affair - think again!

And if you think I'm going to drop hints in a perfume laced envelop - think again!

Affairs happen. It's not something you look for, but it is like someone lit a match and you go past that line, you can't go back. You're hooked. And affair is addictive. It is messy and exciting. It is scary but exhilarating. It is wrong but the sex feels so right.

The thing that you don't know about affairs is that it's not forever. It's simply an excerpt from life. For both partners. I know that we aren't going to run off together, get married and dance the night away. I know that if you find out, it will be over until he can find another way to see me. I know that though he says he loves me, he doesn't. It's just the newness of me.

I do know what you could do that would end us. You could be more like me (I know, why would you want to be, right?). But here's the think I give him that you don't:
*control - he calls the shots, I just take direction
*sex - lot of it! phone sex, oral sex, anal sex, naughty pics via text, shaved everything - let him lead and fill his fantasies
*freedom - don't talk about next week or tomorrow, just enjoy today (or tonight)
*laugh - laugh. a lot. don't yell at him. don't stress. don't ask too much. hire a Plummer, he's not Luigi!
*no stress - be comes back to me because I don't talk about the kids. I don't talk about my BFF. I genuinely care about his day. I only focus on him when I have him.
*no pressure - we go at his speed. I don't ask for more, unless I just need him right then. I only pull that once a month so he knows how much I desire him.
*no strings - you have that ring, I don't. But what I do have is every free second throughout his day. Every time you leave the house he gets ahold of me. I have him wrapped around my finger. And I am there 90% of the time, in any capacity he wants.
*lots of fun & laughter - we make love and tell jokes. We laugh a lot.

If you do that, there'd be nothing I could give him that you don't. I don't stay at home with his children. I don't go to bed next to him every night. Trust me, you have the upper hand. I'm just filling the gaps I've listed above.

I hope this helps. Don't believe the "signs" of an affair you read. They aren't true. Don't believe you'll just know, because you won't. Don't assume you'll know who I am, because you'd never guess I could be the other woman.

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Me Also
by: Anonymous

I to am the other woman. Everything you say is true. I give him what she doesn't it's fun it's exciting and it can go in for years!

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