I caught him cheating and now....

by Heather
(America )

Well a long story short. So i married my high school sweetheart and now we will be married for 3 yrs next month. He is an active duty soldier and we both have a beautiful daughter together. Were both 23 years old. He was always my best friend i could tell everything too. I know our marriage isn't perfect but it was a lot better then i thought it was.. I guess. Well it started with going out every once in a while with just his fellow army buddies.. and i didn't mind him getting out of the house and just kick back and have fun but this night i had a gut feeling that literally told me everything .. well I caught him with hard core evidence and made up a sneaky little lie and told him that our phone company sent me text message from the last thirty days and yeah he spilled the beans. I Never thought he would betray me like that but he cried and said he was sorry .. he didn't know what he was losing and blah blah . Well finally after i could cool down.. from anger and more hurt than he would ever know. I agreed to stick by his side to work through this. Now its been around 2 months and i feel so disconnected from him . He rarely has sex with me .. even if i try. I even had the most straight forward talk to him and asked him does he need a break. I feel as if i cant get a ounce of honesty out of him and the truth of how he really feels. Im confused and crying out for any kind of advice and if anyone else has been through this. All i can do now is step back. I cant give 100 percent anymore even after Forgiving him for what he did to me. I almost wonder if there is more going on im clueless about at the moment! Please help me someone.

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