I Caught My Wife Cheating With My Best Friend !

by Mike
(Bowling Green Ky)

I went on a trip back home where I used to live.It was about 600 miles to North Carolina and I was going to stay for a week or two.

I had been in a car wreck years before and now I was totally disabled. I had done some damage to the left side of my brain so when I woke up in the hospital

Things were different with my body! My right leg was the size of my left arm and my right arm was like a little stick.

My favorite Private Member went from ten inches to four so where I used to stretch a pu**y now I just tickled the sides!

Isn't it amazing what the left side of your brain controls!Now back to the story. I have a good friend and he was my best friend who had been in a car wreck also but his medicine that he was on made his di** hard.

HE KEPT A HARD--ON! He has a d**k that would have put John Holmes to shame! He called my wife at home and asked her to come and get him!

He told her that he wanted to play "GO FISHING" with playing cards! But time he got in the house they sat down on the couch and he leaned over and put his bad hand behind her back and his good hand on a big ti**y.

He stuck his tongue down her throat and his hand in her pants. She pushed him away and said we shouldn't but he put her hand on his d**k and it was rock hard!

He told her just how hard it was and how it was hurting him.She was a nurse so naturally she felt sorry for him!

So she was going to take it out for him and satisfy him with her hands. He insisted that she bare her breast for so that he could kiss and suck on her ni**les!

Then while he was sucking on her ni**les he had her pants soaking wet so she undid her pants to where he could rub her pu**y.

He pulled his d**k out so she could play with and she just gasped! It is fifteen inches long and she could not get her hand around it!

She has carpel tunnel in her hands and she was a very short woman so she tried to fit her mouth around it and he exploded in her mouth and on her face an throat but that hog leg of his didn't even try to get soft!

They moved to the bed room so I had to hide in the closet and he fell on the bed and asked her to help him take his shoes and pants off.

My d**k was getting hard as a brick so I slid my zipper down and pulled it out! I looked at mine and then looked at him (A BIG D**K LIKE I USED TO HAVE) But I realized that he could not have no more fun with his big d**k than I could with mine!

He got her to lay on her back and spread her legs! Then he went to town! Gene Simmons from the band "KISS" with the super long tongue had nothing on him!

He stuck his tongue to the back of her pu**y and then it was her turn to c*m all over his face. He made her c*m twice before he mounted her!

Then he done something that made me mad! He crammed all of his d**k inside her so that she was screaming from pain but also from cu**ing again!

I had never seen nothing like it! Now are you ready for this! He started around seven o'clock and fu**ed her until six o'clock the next morning.

She showered and went and got him some breakfast but soon as he eat he was hard again! now enough is enough but she pulled her clothes off!

He entered her and when he pulled back from her pu**y the lips of it turned out with his d**k! After he had c*m again she made him pull out and quit!

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