I GAVE HIM A SECOND CHANCE - "i maintain that everyone deserves a 2nd chance and i am willing to give it to him"

My boyfriend and myself have been together for just over 6 years.. after 4 years of being together we never kissed (passionately) or did anything for that matter for more than 6 months- year for that matter.

i have noticed a while later that i wasn't allowed to touch his phone that i gave him or even accuse him of looking at another girl. he tells me that he loves me and that he will never cheat on me, "we have been in this together for 6 years why would i wanna go and break something so special up"

then in January i got hold of his phone and notice that there are pictures on his phone.....him taking the pictures of a half naked girl yet fondling with he. both of them said that they did not have sex so i took their word for it....

i am still together with him and trying to work things out it is very hard cause i still think he is cheating at the end of the day i maintain that everyone deserves a 2nd chance and i am willing to give it to him and all i can do is pray.

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