I Just Don't Know..If She Is Cheating

by Confused

Not Sure If She Is Cheating..I'm So Confused...

Not Sure If She Is Cheating..I'm So Confused...

In Short

18 months ago my wife changes from a women who was not at all into the bar scene, she liked friends over and entertaining at home and other married, family stuff to having a group of 10 year younger group of friends that party every week end or week day, she went out every week end staying out till 3-4-5 am

endless cell phone calls etc. taking calls till 5 am
this was totaly not her. She talked with a guy on the phone openly in front of me and mentioned his name any time he called.

Bugged me but he was a geek knob with a girl friend so had no concern. In short now some of these people moved away ( I would tell her she had to slow down)partying slowed down etc.

A month ago she went out with friends no problem
next day while she napped i used her phone and found some texts from nite before from a different guy sounded suspicious in the texts ? ( I didn't ever snoop before not my nature) confronted her, just some one that she didn't want to talk to anymore what was I worrying about she says ( just one of the group) next day history was scrubbed (in the nite)

I looked back and found cell records of this number for the last 18 months usually when i wasnot around or she was out or at 3-4 5am when she was home She said she did not realize how much time she had spent this was just a friend etc.

If this was just a friend would you not just offer up " here call him see for yourself and not get sheepish she never offered up a name just that he was a friend from her group ?? any comments

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