I love my husband but I still cheated

by Linda

Me and my husband have been married for nearly 12 years now.No kids as my husband is sterile and he insisted that he wasn't interested in adoption.He took away one of my biggest dreams in life-to be a mom but I still love him.He's also been very negligent lately which is probably why I cheated although it's not an excuse.

Two weeks ago when my husband was at work an old friend of mine from high school came to our house.I had literally just gone out of the shower so I quickly put on my robe and opened the door.I was quite surprised to see him and of course I let him in.

We somehow got carried away in quite a long conversation.We started reminiscing of the old times and after so much talk about what we did at high school,how we partied and the great s*x we had every now and then I got a bit ho*** and he actually convinced me that giving him he*d wouldn't be considered cheating.

He complimented me a lot and somehow managed to get a blow***.I actually took off my robe,got on my knees and blew him for nearly 20 minutes.

He came in my mouth and I swallowed.Then he left.I felt very guilty afterwards but at the same time very naughty and I decided to do something naughty so when my husband got home I kissed him without even washing my mouth out,in fact I made out with him for nearly 10 minutes with bits of c*m on my lips.

Ever since that day I've been feeling guilty but at the same time very naughty so I've been giving my husband blo*jobs every single day.The problem is-He's not who I think about while doing it.The guilt eats me up at times.

The truth is me and my husband don't even have s** any more.He's been quite negligent lately and most of the time I've wanted se* he's turned me down due to being tired or busy so maybe that's one of the reasons I ended up cheating although it's not an excuse.Should I confess or should I never tell him?

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