i need to know....please help me. - " have a very strong feeling my husband is cheating"

by Confused Wife

Hi, i have a very strong feeling my husband is cheating. He works away so there is no way for me to "see" it, he's only home on weekends but i've been writing down signs and different behavior of himself and the ppl around him.

There is also a very strong gut feeling that is slowly killing me inside and very vivid dreams. i've talked to friends told them signs they tell me yes without a doubt.

He's they type where he is careful but not that careful with showing signs. i feel major dis-connect with him.

I try and talk to him and ask about it doing the communication thing, he avoids it says no and tries to pick a fight. is that to throw me off??

I'm not falling for it anymore. sex is different, he does different things that he's never done before and i've been with him for 12 years. he's not as cuddly with me anymore, he seems more happy to get away than be home with his family. he doesnt talk about work often when i ask him about his day at work.

He doesnt answer his phone alot, when he does answer it later or the next day he texts and says he fell asleep...he wont take a day off work to help me take care of our 2 year old, while i had the flu.

I'm always hearing "i can't" so finally i said its not that u can't its that you won't. i've had the silent treatment ever since?!?!

I have searched his computer and bag when i do his laundry on weekends, nothing, this has got to be happening face to face without me knowing while here at home and he's gone for work.

When someone calls for him to come help them out with something he jumps at the chance, i ask i dont recieve.

He lives with my best friend and her husband who also works nights all week. so they are alone, and she has done this to me before with a previous boyfriend i had and found out about.

So i decided i'm going to come with him for a few days just to see more signs, she wont look me in the eye and very figity when he's around after work. u would think he would sit with me or beside me while i was there...no. he stayed far away from me and when i did ask him to come sit with me i felt the room vibe shift, she wouldnt look just glanced and got more figity and he was hesitant to come sit with me.

He never kissed or hugged or sat near me while we were there.the next time i decided i'm going to leave some hickies on him, i know childish but had to see a reaction, she noticed them and got quiet and figity again and wouldnt make any eye contact again i felt the vibe in the room change. is this really going on???

I did confront him once a while ago, he was very defensive,started a fight turned it around and accused me of cheating.

There is no way for me to actually catch him cuz when i did comfront he defenced with "what proof do u have".

My brother had passed away and i needed answers so i called a medium to get my answers. the first thing she said to me is "he's telling me behind your back" that triggered it.

How can she know this and everything else she knew and described that she couldnt possibly know. but the behind your back finally makes sense.

Please someone help me with this, i have told close friends about this and they tell me yes he is, even guy friends who are very truthful and honest with me tell me the same thing.

Now i need to know is this really happening?!?!?

Please help me please :(

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