I said I didnt cheat, He says I did

by Melissa
(Denver, CO)

Me and my husband were going through tough times. Lets just say cops were called and we were unable to live together. I was staying in our town home with our 2 boys. (He made it to where his boys and I had our place) And he was staying at his moms house. Two months went by and all I would ever hear from him was that I owed him for providing us with a home and I owed him money and I owed him this and I owed him that.. So we werent living together and we werent getting along. He would stop by and give me some loving once in a while, but once the loving was over he would go back to reminding me what I owed him. So I have guys that I talk to. I wouldnt say friends because I only have a handful of people that I would actually consider my true friends. But I met tis guy where I go to pay my phone. I met him 3yrs ago when I activated my phone. Never really talked just an occasional "How are you?".. when me and My husband separated he seen me crying and asked what was wrong. We exchanged #s and we txted.. The point is that we would talk, nothing more. It was nice to have someone listen but never did it cross my mind anything more. I never held this guys hand, kissed him or even had sex with him. My husband showed up at our house and saw him in the house talking to me in the couch. It was around 11pm and we had just came back from taking my our kids to Chuck E. Cheeses. We were just TALKING!! BUt he says that Its CHEATING!! Plz give me your feed back.. Yes I know bringing him in the house was WRONG, but i DIDNT do anything.

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