I saw kissmark near the right nipple of my wife

by Edgardo sabotahe

The night after having a reunion with her friends,we were on the bed ready to make love.but i was wondering why,the reaction of my wife was quite different.for 12 years of marriage,it was the first time i noticed that my wife was covering something...or...i dunno.may be she was just excited for sex.i want her to lay down to suck her nips but she wanted to sit up and grab my di** and suck it.again i lay her down again but quickly she stood up and again sucked my di**.it was,for me strange reaction...this is what happened the whole day:my wife asked my permission to hang out with her friens(batchmates in highschool)so i let her go.it's fine.because she's doing it many times before.so she went alone.i left alone at house.the whole day i was alone.@3pm,she came home.smiling,happy,and kissed me.that night we are having sex.but noticed some small bruise near her nipple.but i just ignored it.2 weeks ago i asked her about that.coz i knew it was a kissmark.at first,she denied it.but eventually,she admitted she had sex with her former classmate.but she denied they had relationship.should i believe with her?sex without relationship?please help.i'm confused...thanks

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