by Eloisa Cespedes
(New York)

I still cant believe that my husband for eleven years has drastically over night changed on me ever since the birth of our third daughter.

This is what it is I am 27 years old and he is 48 , I met him when I was 17,nothing was easy for us you know the family's were against our relationship but I took my chances now we have three kids two girls one boy.

He was always the working and devoted husband and father until,he got laid off from work and I had my third daughter.

One day when my daughter had just turned one month old out of the blue he disappeared saying he was going to the store and never came back or even called 5 days passed when he finally came back saying he was in jail but that was a lie because he had no papers to show me of that

Plus I found and address in his pants and a number no name what did I do I went to reverse phone look up and typed in the number and guess who it was hi ex wife's number I called her up of course but she couldn't tell me anything all she kept on saying was that I had to ask him.

They never had any kids by the way they were only married for one year. But since that dissapearance he has continued to act strange he continues disappearing and continues denying that he is cheating on me with her,he admitted to me of another affair he had when I was pregnant with another woman that I happen to know..

I am just stunt hurt and confuse I don't now what happened when did this start happening I have mixed feelings of what exactly it is that I have to do because we do have three kids and there young,7 years old 4 years old and the three month old, I have gone through black outs I have picked up his close for him to leave but he refuses to leave but he is not even trying to make things better with us

He doesn't spend any time with us and when he does come home is to sleep I love him but I am tired.

What should I do...she keeps calling him leaving him messages even calling my house driving insane

I just don't know whom to believe anymore he tells me one thing she tells me another nothing makes sense I am tired but yet want to make it work because I don't want to lose him ,but in a sense I would like to leave him...

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