I think he is cheating but i dont know...

by Cassie
(Cairns, QLD Australia)

Well it all started when me and my boyfriend got together about a month ago...and well he had only just broken up with his ex after a 8 months relationship.

And well...

I noticed he started saying her name alot and in subjects we were talking about. Then he started to get distant from me.

Like if i asked him how his day was hed try change the subject or if i was with him and asked hed avoid my eyes and say "yeah it was allright babe".

But it was a little bit of a worry when one night we went to the movies and we ran into his ex. And then he said he needed to talk to her about something.

And so i moved away..maybe a dumb thing to do. When he came back hes said. "im sorry..shes just been calling alot. I mean i dont ignor the calls.

But its not relevant anyway. C'mon lets go see this movie."

And scince then...which was about a week ago he hasnt called much. And im starting to really wonder if i am wasting my time.

so please...can you help. I really love him. I would kill to never lose him.


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only a month??
by: mr know it all

this guy is a flake..that is a bad way to start off your relationship....you must be young..i am guessing 18...move on!! there will be plenty,

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