I think my husband has seen a masseuse, deletes texts and call history

I maybe shouldn't have done it but a couple of months ago I looked in my husbands phone and found sexually explicit texts he had sent to a work colleague and also to a friend of ours.

I confronted him and he said it wasn't anything other than a bit of fun and that I was over reacting.

I will add at this point I was 7 months pregnant. I told him I didn't trust him or believe him that nothing more had happened.

He got very upset and said he regretted it and wouldn't do it again.

Last night I needed a phone number so looked in his phone and found a number for a local tantric massage parlor.

I am now 2 weeks off from giving birth (we also have a 4 year old son) and I am so worried he has been cheating.

We haven't had sex for about a month as I had a complication with the pregnancy and it was recommended we didn't.

I don't have any proof he has contacted this place but he could have deleted it from his call history.

I also have no proof he has continued texting these 2 women but he could have deleted that too.

What should I do?

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Masseuse - "My husband has had quite a few sensual massages"
by: Anonymous

My husband has had quite a few sensual massages, & when I found out it tore out my heart. He has apologized for that, but he continues to call these women, set up appointments, & supposedly not show up.

He thinks he's sneaky, but obviously he's not. My intuition always tells me when something's not right.

I'm still with him, but I'm fed up! I do not trust him, & although i love him, I don't feel connected with him much anymore.

The betrayal is too much. My advice to you is to pray about the situation, & let God handle him.

That's what I'm doing. It's hard to do, but I believe it's the best thing for me. We, too, have 2 toddlers, one baby, & another on the way.

I wish you the best.

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